Urban Flowers

Vegan and sustainable shoes made with love by local producers in Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil.

Content Strategy, Content Writing, Social Media
Apr 2018

How can a brand position itself on social media?

Urban Flowers came up with the concept that it is possible to contribute to the world with quality, animal-free products.

Their shoes are handmade by local producers in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, who value and know the importance of a consciously created product. 

The brand creates shoes and accessories that result in a quality, loving product designed to be used in a timelessly and as a key piece in their wardrobe's clients.

The products are mostly made from disposed of materials from other industries, like textiles.

Rethinking digital presence

There was a gap between the brand and its digital presence. Urban Flowers already had it all - amazing, ethical products and real values.

Therefore, a key piece was missing - the brand wasn't showing their whole soul to their audience. There wasn’t a consistent positioning across the media platforms.

A closer look for insights

An audit of the brand’s content and its social platforms was performed, which helped to establish their territories and the brand’s universe, like feminism, sustainability, natural lifestyle, slow fashion, animal protection, vegetarianism, and veganism.

Then, benchmark helped to map their direct competition. That was the guide to create a unique tone of voice, content editorials and explore more formats instead of only focusing on selling the products.

Consistency and more visibility to what matters most

The content strategy helped to reach more potential customers.

Engagement, growth, brand awareness, connection with their audience mostly on Instagram and Facebook - and consequently, more sales.