Onde é que tá?

It could be just another eco bag. In a fun and responsible way, Onde É Que Tá? helps people to fill the bag according to their own needs.

Brand strategy, Market Research, Content Strategy
Aug 2019

How to position an eco-friendly bag as a tool of cultural transformation?

Brazil is the 4th country in the world to generate plastic waste, and only 1% of all that waste is recycled.

In a fun and responsible way, Onde É Que Tá? helps people to fill the bag according to their own needs - on the street, at the fair, on trips or at the gym.

Their raw cotton bags could be that naughty incentive to start refusing bakery plastic, for example. And also goes for the market and bulk purchases.


It wasn't clear what the product was it for and what value it had for people. The target audience and the sales points needed to understand that; trying to change the people's perception about the eco bags was something really important. And we all know that it takes some time to change a culture.

The other thing was people didn't understand how useful the bags were. There weren't photos showing how people could use it, what was their actual sizes.

Sellers at physical stores couldn’t explain the value of the product to the end consumer as well.

Still, there wasn't a clear value proposition of Onde É Que Tá? and this was reflecting on its social media. Their goal was to be known as a reference in awakening people's eyes to urgent causes, like sustainability, respect, acceptance, affection, and demystifying these causes as something boring and impossible to accomplish.

We all finally understood that is not what we do but how we do that will make the world a better place.


It's important to say the obvious thing. With a brand audit and some benchmarking work, it was clear that there was enough space to chunk information for OEQT? audience.

After that, we did a few brand architecture sessions and understood that it's not the product that makes the brand amazing. What makes it amazing is the meaning around that.

Purpose alone does not guarantee a company's success, it must have a very clear value proposition. We worked on that too. Part of that included offline social actions like talks, workshops teaching people about recycling and waste and putting street-sweepers on the highlight.

A lot of brainstorming and design thinking helped to finally get in a polished way on how to market the brand. To finish, a list of editorial content and offline actions was created to work to guide their content marketing.


OEQT? was ready to be seen as an important tool to express what and how people would like to see the world, relationships, how much transformation is possible in a simple and always meaningful way. For me, for you, for everyone.

That's the legacy it wants to leave in the world: "simple and meaningful." The journey ended with clarity, perspective and a step by step to follow.

Currently, the brand is in hiatus mode but what matters the most is that the perspective is already here - it was needed at first to keep reaching people and creating the aimed change. Brands who exists as a purpose to change the world are the best.

Sem dúvidas alguma a OEQT? cresceu bastante com a sua chegada.

O diagnóstico ficou excelente! Por estar envolvida 1000% no operacional foi difícil para mim identificar os pontos sensíveis da marca, mas você trouxe essa luz.

Só tenho a agradecer ao Universo por trazer você até mim. Muito obrigada por tudo!

- Tatiana Bueno, fundadora

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