100% vegetable, healthy and creative food delivered to your door by a Brazilian startup that simplifies plant-based eating.

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Jun 2019

How can a brand teach its audience about its important values?

Beleaf is a startup that simplifies healthy eating.

To do that, they produce deep-frozen and ready-to-eat vegan meals, and deliver weekly and monthly packages to their customers' homes.

Their packaging has the FSC® seal, attesting to our respect for the forest. Beleaf carries the eureciclo certification, which makes the environmental compensation of materials they discard.

Reimagining content

The main objective was to teach customers how to recycle Beleaf's packaging, taking a basic step by step in the best way.

Another part of the strategy was to create content to generate organic traffic, reach more people and have more visibility.

Beleaf had the territories to be explored, like veganism, lifestyle, and nutrition. It was the time to convert all those subjects into compelling content.

Recycling in 1, 2, 3

Several blog posts were written according to the brand’s guidelines and following the best SEO practices.

One of them was unfolded in a sequence for Instagram Stories where the goal was to teach the clients how to recycle their packaging.

Information like in which garbage the packaging should go, how to sanitize it and why it is important was conveyed on short videos, boomerangs and, photos.

Causing the intended effect 

Content creation made accordingly to Beleaf’s brand book helped to bring more awareness, trust, and transparency for their audience.

Also, it motivated the client to take better care of the garbage he generates. Yay to recycling responsibly!

Header photo by Mateus Menegatti

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