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Jan 31, 2020

The corona virus pandemic has stopped 'life as normal' across much of the world. We are coming into a period of uncertainty and most of us are living a completely new moment - can you imagine how crazy that sounds?

How could we possibly have answers right now? We need to make more questions. We need to question everything.

Does this thing called society works? What about capitalism? Consumerism? Remote work? Education?

Pause - and reflect.

Our structures broke. Change is coming our way. How can you embrace it? Revisit your plan again. Prioritize. Be essential. Things will keep changing.

No more "business as usual".

Be mindful of messaging around discounts. It's crucial not to bombard people with offers and deals. Speak to them sensitively with meaningful offers that will resonate.

Think people, not profit.

In what ways you can give back and make a positive contribution? Through action? Information? Collaboration? Revisit your purpose.

Later, empty content.

This is not a time to create "a beautiful feed". It is a time to give, give, give - don't hold your best content only because it doesn't match with the schedule. You are allowed to create stuff that goes beyond the territories you've established.

Redirect the negative energy.

We all know: times are tough. Going for the real positivity (not the toxic one) will result in loyal connections in the long term.

In times like this, people will reconsider their values around consumption and spending. That means they will look to businesses and brand propositions to make them feel secure and take a more meaningful perspective on consumption. Will it be a more conscious one? Maybe.

What are your thoughts? 

This post was crafted from WGSN trend forecasts ("Coronavirus: Global Change Accelerators" report). Go on and take a look.