March 1, 2021

Go slow with the flow

Picture this: it's Sunday.

You're planning your week's tasks and designing the next days ahead. Maybe you want to exercise, ditch alcohol and read every day. Then Monday finally starts and when you see it... It's difficult to keep up with the things you set yourself for.

Then comes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - the week is over, and there comes the recap: the planning that was supposed to help, ends up disturbing you.

We wanna do everything in a way we think will be best for us, but we often forget to give ourselves some grace, some space to the uncertain, for the things that we can't have control of. Yes, is good to plan, but it's equally good to let things happen sometimes, to let it flow.

We are humans. We are organic people - so it's foolish to think that we are going to function like robots. We won't be productive all days, and that word has a different meaning for each of us.

No caption needed.
Going slow means that we can set our priorities and do one thing at a time, not wanting to open all our tabs at once.

I'm writing this because that's what usually happens with me: I want to exercise, be creative, work and do my best, ditch the bad stuff for my body, do every little thing - meaning I set an expectation that's sometimes is so high to me and I end the week feeling frustrated.

What if we start (and end) the week at a slow pace, with patience? I'll try here and let you know 🌿

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