January 6, 2021

2021 Trends on Lifestyle, Sustainability, and Communication

I spent some time thinking about whether I would or not write about 2021 trends. But as you can see in this article, I decided just to go for it. You already know how 2020 went: corona, climate change disasters, anxiety - just to mention a few. The thing is that life goes on and I brought some good insights (mostly from WGSN Key Trends for 2021 & Beyond) about the subjects I love the most.

2021 Lifestyle Trends

The way we live and consume stuff changed quite a lot in the past year - and it will keep changing in 2021.

Mushrooms all over the place

As the flora of mycelium, mushrooms are key to regenerative agriculture and carbon absorption. According to a WGSN 2021 study, we’re already seeing mushrooms becoming an important ingredient in beauty products, food, and drink. What about leather from shrooms in your handbags, sofas, and shoes? The biomaterial can be a substitute for animal leather, which is fantastic.

And there's more: people are growing their own mushroom farms and yes, the medicinal mushrooms will bloom with psilocybin to be legalized in the USA. Hope to see this trend more around the world for sure.

Sipping plant molecules

Using reverse engineering and meticulously composed molecules, entrepreneurs can recreate alcoholic drinks and a good cup of coffee. These aren’t synthetic but made with plant molecules that recreate the experience using less water, land, carbon, and time.

Like Atomo Coffee in Seattle, which uses upcycled plant materials such as pits, seeds and stems in its molecular recreation of coffee, aimed at reducing deforestation. And the UK’s Alcarelle is already making synthetic alcohol that intends to deliver the buzz but not the headache.

2021 Sustainability Trends

🌿 There's no turning back on this one.

Eggs made of plants, not chicken

These will proliferate globally and become the fastest-growing plant-based alternative food. Egg substitutes go far beyond existing replacements to better replicate the look, taste, and versatility of chicken eggs using plant proteins.

And how companies are recreating eggs? Using ingredients like mung-bean eggs, aquafaba, chickpeas, soy, potato, and peas. A fantastic alternative to expanding eggless choices for human health, animal welfare, and sustainability reasons!

Going circular for good

Circular economy, where resources are reused continually without waste – now meet the running shoes. To create a more sustainable economy, brands like Adidas and Salomon are testing sneakers that can be recycled at the end of their life and remade into a new shoe. Also, they're putting local collection points for their recyclable running shoes.

2021 Communication Trends

💬 And finally here's a few insights on the way we say things:

Genuine Influencers

Or Genuinfluencers, call it what you want. Social media influencers will continue to become crucial and will be employed to spread the truth to their followers within an ecosystem crippled with misinformation.

The genuine influencers will be emerging to share key information and truth on behalf of worldwide groups. This new type of serious storytelling will naturally integrate with influencers’ everyday lifestyle content and will feel less like advertising and more people-driven with a focus on lessons learned over likes.

Slow Made Content

With life, people, and algorithms inviting us daily to accelerate, the urge for content creation and marketing to slow down is clear. The means of transport became faster, the means of communication too. We don't have to wait, we don't want to wait, we hate to wait. And so life becomes more agile, more on-demand.

There're so many people saying how much you should publish per day and how to obey the rules imposed by algorithms that our pleasure in creating and sharing is dying. So slow content is all about doing it in your own time and just make sure that what you produce is aligned with what you want to do and offer. With less speed and more matter of direction.

Slow Content is a philosophy of life and invites people to rethink their habits through the message conveyed. Do you prefer to create content when you really have something to say or you just want to create because of metrics and algorithms?

And that's it.

These were a glimpse of how things can go from now on. Lots of hopes - and I'm sure things will change for the good, and I will be one of those people that will do the impossible so that can happen. :)

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Header photo by David Fanuel on Unsplash

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